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Vaulted/Dome Roof

Vaulted/Dome Roof Design

The new roof design emerged as a way of meeting several needs. With steel prices rising, the vaulted/dome roof was appealing because it does not depend on steel. This design presents another potential problem in that families tend to build additions on top the roof. The design needed to incorporate a method of building making the roof level for multi-story additions.


The image below to the left exhibits the original housing design. This design is dependent on steel. The image below to the right exhibits the vaulted design solution. It was designed by the Habitat Egypt engineering department.

As you can see in the three images below, the vaulted design surrounds the vaults/domes with a beam and levels the roof with filling material. A layer of cement and the next floor can then be added without a problem.

Not only did this design solution reduce building costs by 20-25%, but reducing the use of steel uses less carbon, which is thus more environmentally friendly.

It took time for communities to understand and accept this initiative, but it has clear benefits. At this time, the vaulted/dome roof design solution has been implemented in one community.

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