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Kamal Fayek Success Story

My Name Is Kamal Fayek Georgy, I am married and I work as a blocks cutter, our monthly income is EGP 1000, I have 2 children.

The house consists of 2 floors, made of blocks, built with concrete roof, consists of 3 rooms, reception, kitchen and a restroom in each floor.

I used to live with my original family my father, mother my brothers and sisters in the ground floor, all my family used to live in one room and sharing the same kitchen and restroom.

My family and I used to face many issues due to the tightness of the house and due to using the same restroom in the ground floor which causes hygiene problems.

I have applied for a loan from Habitat before for renovating a concrete roof, but I did not have the financial capacity to renovate the second restroom and do basic finishing and renovations in the house.

This was a major issue as all the family used to sleep in one room without separation or lack of privacy for parents and children.

I have applied for a loan from Habitat housing program which helped us a lot in improving hour housing and health conditions.

We have installed sewage and water links, plumbing for the restroom, as well as doing carpentry work, and installing electricity, doors and windows in the house.

After Habitat’s intervention the family currently is living happily and safely and could separate from the original family, and living in a separate floor, with using a separate restroom, as well as separation between parents and children.

Thanks to Habitat our housing and health conditions have been improved, and the family can live safely.

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