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Sharbat Adly Success Story – habitategypt
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Sharbat Adly Success Story

My Name is Sharbat Adly Sadek, I am a housewife and I am 37 years old. I have a family that consists of my Husband who works as an Agricultural Engineer, my Daughter and my Son, both of my children are students.

Our monthly income is an average of EGP 1000. Our House’s area is around 60 m­­­2 – consists of 2 rooms, restroom, reception and a kitchen. Without a roof, the floor is made of Cement; the area is very tight for our family to live in. I live in Nazlet Faragalla which is a small village, and this is the village I was born at and my ancestors lived there their whole lives.

I am a simple housewife and I care for my family’s health and safety that Is why we were very encouraged to apply for Habitat’s housing loan program which helps us to improve our housing and health conditions. We have already taken a loan before from Habitat, and we were introduced to the organization through the people of the village.

From the main issues that the family used to suffer from was the tightness of the ground floor, as it used to cause us a lot of issues such as all the family members living in only 2 rooms, plus that we used to live in same floor with our livestock (birds). So we had to renovate the roof of the third floor in order to be able to expand the house.

We were hoping to build a concrete roof for the third floor, which expands the house for us and have more rooms to live in more safely. The major modifications that the family has witnessed, that the house’s area became larger and expanded much more than before, after building the roof of the third floor.

Health program has given us the opportunity to do medical examinations and lab tests, which by we discovered that Sharbat and Amgad have a percentage of salts crystals. And that Irene is suffering from Anaemia. Improving the housing conditions had made many positive effects on the family’s life. As Irene who is in the Secondary stage, is now having a private room of her own which enables her privacy and a good atmosphere to do her studies and assignments in a proper way.

Improving the house conditions also has a great positive effect on the family’s health, as after they had built the concrete roof for the third floor, and the house is expanded and became more hygienic and safe to live in. as the livestock (birds) are currently staying in a separate floor, which definitely affects the family’s health positively, and protected them from being infected by bird flu.

Habitat has changed our lives positively from what it has been before, as currently we have a house that is enough for the family members, with separate rooms for the children and for us. We can have now privacy for all the family members, as well as the separation between livestock (birds) and our rooms, which is a major in affecting our health positively.

As well as the awareness sessions that we attended has had a great effect in changing some of our lives’ habits, and doing lab tests and medical examinations, have helped us to discover of what we had of diseases and how to cure them by taking the proper medications and suitable nutritional meals that are prescript by the doctor.

Now I can say that I see a brighter future after Habitat’s intervention, and we can raise our children in a safe and healthy atmosphere.

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