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Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with Habitat for Humanity Egypt! We’re so glad that you are considering participating in a Global Village and are confident that you are embarking on what is sure to be an incredible experience!

If you currently reside in North America and would like to join a team, please visit Habitat for Humanity International’s website to see which Team Leaders are currently recruiting members for a GV in Egypt and follow the application instructions.

If you reside outside the US and Canada, please contact Habitat for Humanity’s national office in your home country for information on how to join an Habitat Egypt Global Village.

If you currently reside in Egypt and are interested in partnering with us in a GV experience, please fill out an application and submit it to to find out about upcoming in-country volunteer teams.

Our Global Village season is open from September to May. Can’t find a currently scheduled GV to Egypt that fits your needs? Consider becoming a Team Leader and create your own!

Do you represent a corporation, educational institution and/or organization that would like to partner with Habitat for Humanity Egypt? Contact us at


Become a friend of Habitat for Humanity Egypt on Facebook to see pictures of recent Global Villages and get updates on our work throughout Egypt!

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