Habitat For Humanity Egypt  

Poorest of the Poor Initiative

The Poorest of the Poor initiative was developed in 2006 as a result of community partners' observations that the Habitat Egypt program failed to meet a significant housing need. Since Habitat Egypt is a loan program, it requires prospective homeowners to be financially able to repay the loan. Local committees saw that some families did not have the minimum monthly income needed to repay the loans. To solve this problem, the Poorest of the Poor Initiative was developed.

The goal of this intiative is to make new homes available to those without means of repayment, and to increase awareness, involvement, and collaboration. It requires community organizations to raise funds beyond those provided by Habitat Egypt.

In 2006, community partners began to raise funding to build no-cost homes at a rate of 5% of their total housing plan. Thus, for every 100 homes the community built, five were for families in this situation. That rate has risen to 7%, with the intention to raise the rate to 10% by 2012. To date, 1106 homes have been built for the poorest of the poor.