Habitat For Humanity Egypt  

Community Partners

Community partnerships are central to our mission. HFH Egypt works in 26 communities in 5 governorates within Egypt. In all of these communities we partner with local and national non-profit organizations to create a safe and healthy environment for all Egyptians to live, work, and raise their families. By focusing our efforts on the entire community, we are able to see widespread change in many lives. Click the map to the right to see a detailed view of these communities' locations.

Our community partners are CEOSS, EASD, Values of Life, Better Life Association, El-Mahaba Association for Development and Environment, CBO of Kom El-Akhdar, and Shining Tomorrow. Most of our community partners are located in Upper Egypt (south of Cairo), in the governorates of El Minya and Beni Suef:

El Minya:
El Kom El Akhdar
El Tayeba
El Amoudeen
Beni Mahdi
Beni Mohammad Sha'rawy
Nazlet Faragallah
Eastern Bani Ahmad
El Gazaer
El Matahra
El Abaadia

Beni Suef:
Monsha't Nasr
El Sakakreya
Nazlet Hanna
Monsha't El Sadat

Greater Cairo:
El Mo'tamadia
Dar El Salam
El Qalag

Port Said:
Port Said